Uggs are usually associated with slippers

 Finding Uggs available during the peak Ugg season, particularly as the new design gains in popularity, is extremely unusual to say the very least. And just before Black Friday? It’s gardenallabout garden all about Website garden all about com practically unheard of. But Rue La La has got the items, and plenty of undiscovered, awe-inspiring Ugg items are up for grabs for members of Rue La La, a designer discount website (FYI joining Rue La La is free and just requires an email address).

 Uggs are usually associated with slippers and boots. Perhaps you have been longing for that Ugg Oh Yeah slipper, which almost everyone in Hollywood owns. The price has dropped to $80. If you’re as in love with Eckhaus Latta as every fashion editor out there are, you’ll be thrilled be able to see the Court Suede Mule — which was part of the collaboration with Ugg available for just $90. That’s a marked reduction from $475 (yes you can really). The pearl slipper is also available for $59, as well as the Keagen suede slipper for only $40.