The least successful category

 Chiuri was aware that her aim was to market. Clothing sales, which are generally the least successful category at luxury houses after makeup, perfume, or other accessories, have skyrocketed under Chiuri’s direction. They even beat fragrance for the first-time in 201 “I’m obsessed with her clothes; I’d like to live in these suits,” says actress great-wallpaper great wallpaper Website great wallpaper com Zoey Deutch (photographed below) which is in line with the sentiment of her shootmates All of them true believers in Chiuri’s grounded easy-to-wear, accessible Dior. Chiuri was more concerned with the final result than she was about the goals. She wanted to turn LVMH’s most powerful brand into a feminist-focused messaging machine.

All the Shipping Deadlines

 You Need to Know So that your gifts for the holidays arrive on Time. The perfect present was planned for weeks to arrive three days later than Christmas isn’t a good thing. Yes, it’s still there, but it’s a bummer. With that in mind We’ve listed some of the key shipping deadlines to keep in mind when embarking on the holiday shopping.