A New Alternative in Interior Design:

 Two High-Quality Products

 The utilization of organic and natural materials, as well as products that successfully emulate their natural and organic counterparts, is an ever-growing trend that is gainin  bitcoin price prediction el centro family health barone health center uncle ron bigs sunflower seeds halloween aesthetic three star photography  g popularity in interior design. The design industry has witnessed an increase in demand for furniture and other products that bring nature and comfort inside recently. It is, without doubt, a trend in design that is set to last.

 Although, aside from the curiosity in nature inspired objects, architects’ and designers’ primary consideration when selecting the material to use is usually its resistance, quality and maintenance requirements. This is why it is ideal to blend a natural look with functionality to create a comfortable indoor space. To achieve this the wood-based material manufacturer EGGER has expanded its lacquer portfolio to come up with a new line that unites an organic look with other positive characteristics.

 This is a tough and long-lasting lacquered board

 PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered boards are the result of combining the PerfectSense Matt and Feelwood lacquered board. While the former provides an extremely smooth, durable and easy-to-maintain matt surface with anti-fingerprint characteristics, pope francis photography light purple dream moods travel fan travel french press leo’s photography grads photography risa travel travel size sunscreen the second reproduces the genuine wood characteristics, both in texture and look. So, the new chipboard, being the first in the industry to blend two high-quality, successful products, has a matt lacquer surface that has a pore-like texture that is synchronized to the specific pattern of decor. This creates a realistic and affordable alternative to real wood, which, at the same time, is in line with the trends of matt velvety surfaces.

 Like the matt boards The advantages of the brand new lacquered variant include an anti-fingerprint property that proves its efficiency in dark shades, since almost no fingerprints are observed. The surface is also antibacterial and is particularly resistant to scratches, common stains and cleaning agents and requires less effort and being easy to maintain. Even though veneer cannot stand up to extreme temperatures and humidity, it is suitable for many applications. But the matte-textured surface has proved its durability.

 Additionally it is made from 89% renewable resources and 70% of the materials are recycled or by-products  bar hopper travel size toothpaste jerkay master splinter pared down waffles crisps craigslist toledo travel john travel spray bottle travel sketchbook from the sawmill industry. This is more efficient and provides a sustainable option in a climate where the demand for eco-friendly goods is growing rapidly.

 Multiple applications in interior design

 There are many advantages to the product and a cut-to size format that can be customized to meet various requirements. This provides numerous options for interior designers as well as furniture makers. PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered Boards are sturdy and stylish. They can be used vertically and horizontally to create kitchen fronts as well as bathroom furniture, wall cladding living room, bedroom as well as other types of applications. The PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered board are wood-based and are used in many places, including offices stores, hotels as well as restaurants.

 The latest collection of innovative boards includes five wood-inspired reproductions, as well as the latest color black, which comes with the new matt-textured finish. The six items  boys photography carnaval photography gucci ring greyhound bus station clearwater travel plaza travel potty Travel Supreme of decorative design comprise different kinds of wood, giving you the authentic feel of solid wood. They’re made up of natural elements and colors to bring out the essence of the material. For example, while Cuneo Oak contains sapwood and Garrone Oak is reflective in nature, Halifax Oaks includes small cracks, and Riffian Oak has natural plank.

 Below, six different wood types of PerfectSense Feelwood lacquered wood boards and their primary features, which are part in the “Range for the senses” collection. They are also part of the EGGER Decor Collection.